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*OFFICIAL LAUGHING JACK BLOG!*My blog is full of horrid things, so come one, come all! ...If you dare... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

NOTICE: Ask box opens Friday - Sunday

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(( whelp guys I did it, I have closed the ask box. Yes I know it’s painful, but I mean I get tons of asks each day. It’s been piling up my messages and leaving a cluttered mess xP thankfully this weekend I deleted a bunch of asks that went from 300+ to around 130+ asks. THANK THE LORD~~ but don’t worry guys! I’m gonna open up the ask box on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays ^^ ( of course unless there’s a holiday week in which I’ll open it for a long period of time depending on the holiday ). So I hope all of you understand~. ))


From a 1920’s stereoview card series titled “The goblins will get you if you don’t watch out.” (Source & More Images) 

(via proxyjackspicer)

(( alright guys, I know the things that have been going on lately, and literally I feel sick from all of this commotion and the chaos I have been dealing with yesterday and today. So maybe tonight I’ll do some asks, what do you think? ))

Anonymous asked: There's word going around about Snuffbomb. Are you going to defend him?



I’m neutral, I’m not gonna be on his side, and I’m not gonna be on the anti-snuff side. I already have enough on my mind as it is ( school, college, family, ect. ) and dealing with this now is just making me feel extremely stressed. I don’t want to get involved with this sort of thing because firstly, the majority of this whole argument contains young adults and up. I’m only a minor which won’t be a great idea considering they could put me down easily xP Secondly is that considering that I still work for Steve on Creeps, I fear as if they won’t take me either way. Or that the community will think I’m on his side ( which I’m not ) and turn against me. I fear that it’ll happen and it’ll haunt me. Thirdly is that I don’t care about this fight, but with what I’m getting from the public about me as of now scares me to death. Considering I know a lot about his personal info and other things, people until today have been asking ( some forcing ) for the truth from me about him, to take screenshots to see if he was acting perverted on me, telling me which side I’m taking and how I should be on this side or that side, you get the whole point. It’s just now that people turn to me if it’s the truth, and been telling me what to do, or have been insulting me that I still work on Creeps

Guys, I’m only 16 years old

All I’m asking is that I don’t want to get involve, yet I was constantly being asked and tormented by such rude things from people ( even mentioning my name in the public like “Sabrina was a victim from this!!” ). I don’t need this for my junior year, or even the rest of my high school year. It kills me inside and makes me feel so scared that I fear that I’ll have to deal with this everyday. I know that some of you are thinking that I’m thinking this too much, or that I think of the worst case scenario, but in reality I’m really worried about my well-being on the net. I thought I would’ve gotten through this year without some sort of argument, and get a great education in the future ( though I’m not keeping my hopes high ). And if this does happen daily towards me about people messaging me about personal things or insults, I’m gonna lose it. I just want to be left alone, please

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