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Ask Laughing Jack
Ask Laughing Jack

My blog is full of horrid things, so come one, come all!

...If you dare... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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Anonymous asked: Does Laughing Jack have an actual canon ship? I've seen him paired with various people... Creator, Laughing Jill, etc.


Of course there’s a canon ship, it’s Laughing Jack x Snuffbomb of course~!

(( I find it so amusing, hehe ))

brideoflaughingjack asked: Hey was wondering if you could slap jeff for me


1. No, because he’s my friend

2. If you want to value your precious life I suggest you change that URL of yours.. ( I’m already after my creator of course )


Latex Nose for Laughing Jack cosplay

Private commission, 2014


Anonymous asked: Have you and your creator ever thought about having little Laughing Jack babies? X)


Why the hell would I wanna have kids for my own? Of course I would eat them, but I wouldn’t want to TRY to make a baby, and waist my precious time without eating other children

Anonymous asked: Can you respond to this question dressed like a japanese girl uniform trying to rape Grossman??


Nope :3

(( it seems as if I don’t post these LJ photoshop pics then people won’t be able to “spread the word” hehe ))

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