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Ask Laughing Jack
Ask Laughing Jack

My blog is full of horrid things, so come one, come all!

...If you dare... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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Anonymous asked: omg!!! u HAVE to look up this guy Criss Angel (spelled like that) and u will probably find him to be the most AMAZING human EVA!!! Since you are you, I'd look up the video "Criss Angel shocking trick gone wrong" i wont tell you what it's about cuz i an't no spoiler :p. also watch the video "Criss Angel impales a woman with a spike" HAVE FUN!!!! (happy nightmares) btw i know u hate annons so i'll tell u my name and it's Katherine.


Are you just asking me to kill you, Katherine. Because I won’t look at some pasty white, idiotic, not-to-be-called magician…

Anonymous asked: Well if it isn't the infamous Laughing Jack! Whose creator is a complete dick and whose best friend looks like a shaved faggot ass bird.


And here we have the jackass anon folks! Where it’s too much of a pussy to show it’s own face and has no social life! Do tell me about your sex life too! I love hearing short stories :)

jeffreyleewoods asked: OMFG noooooo I mean he DOSENT love anyone or anything soooo how would he love me loving a bigger penis 0////0




I don’t think this is Jeffery’s blog creator… Just back away slowly before this person does something else to you…


Okay guys, finished the inking of page 26 of Creeps. Tomorrow will be finished with the coloring! ^^


completed laughing Jack plush 


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For every other people I get in my ask box…

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