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Ask Laughing Jack

My blog is full of horrid things, so come one, come all!

...If you dare... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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datpastaasylum asked: You Mun. I'm gonna hug you. Don't stop me. (a friend of snuff's is a friend of mine)


(( yeah, I know who you are lol *pat pat* ))

I was mad at first, until i did realize something…

(( okay guys, I know that not many people know my age well, and the fact that the whole “SnuffBrina” thing was happening at that one livestream. But that was a JOKE, plus I’m a junior, so I don’t think talking about this ship or making it canon seems like a good idea. I know for a fact that some people are like, “age is just a number!” well, i don’t think it’s a good way to say that when someone will clearly get in trouble. So just to say this politely without chaos ( for snuff to not get this ), I would like it if this doesn’t pass on right now. This isn’t the good time to start it, and we don’t know what will happen in the future. So lets not bring this up again, and not add anything to the fire. Okay? I really want the rest of the year to be pleasant without some sort of war, because I’m getting tired of it  ))

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